A List of Impressive Problem Solution Essay Topics for University

The problem solution essay is an excellent university assignment that helps students improve their skills on clarity. They require one to describe a problem thoroughly, propose a clear solution with an explanation in defense of it, and finally present why that solution is better than others. Here is a list of impressive problem solution essay topics for university:

  1. What can people do to get better or higher paying jobs? Consider that there may be a bottle neck effect when it comes to available desired jobs.
  2. How can data mining or consumer identity sharing problems be fixed? As technology outpaces preventative measures will people ever be safe from companies learning more about personal lives?
  3. Choose a city and explain how it can be made more bicycle friendly? Use specific examples from places around the world where your solution has worked.
  4. What do you propose to prevent human trafficking? How can nations around the world work together to make your solution a reality?
  5. How can people around the world receive better health care? Is this the world’s responsibility or should this be left up to individual nations?
  6. Should there be laws controlling how the media portrays celebrities? What would be the benefits or negatives of passing such laws?
  7. How can people be persuaded to lead healthier lifestyles? Consider different education programs and public awareness campaigns used in the pass with little or no success.
  8. What do you suggest to solve the homeless population problem? It’s suggested that a healthy economy will always require at least some level of a homeless population.
  9. What is the best way to rehabilitate prisoners before release into society? Will certain crimes be treated as less of a threat than others upon release?
  10. What can be done about the increase of gun violence by minors? Stricter gun laws don’t seem to work as much as people had hoped.
  11. What do you propose is the best solution for dealing with illegal immigration? Will your system pave a way for an easier or stricter form of legal immigration?
  12. How can the welfare system be changed to be more fair and efficient? Many people require it to survive, but others abuse it.
  13. How can we prevent children by being negatively influenced by violence on television? Should parents be stricter in the raising of children?
  14. How can governments help in educating its citizens better for the future? Is this the government’s role at all?
  15. How can free speech be balanced where it’s allowed but not abused? How will your solution be appeal to the greater masses?

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