20 Interesting Topic Ideas For Your Essay On India And Space

If you want to create an interesting essay on India and space there are many potential topics out there but narrowing them down can be very difficult. Here are some good topics by Us Essay Writers:

  1. You can craft a paper which focuses on the creation of the Indian space program
  2. You might consider writing an essay about the only Indian to visit space as part of a Soviet union exploration mission
  3. You can explain the national benefits associated with having an individual space program which is not reliant upon another country
  4. You can explore the high cost associated with owning spaceships and why India has been unable for a long time to have such benefits
  5. You can explore the future of space exploration for India
  6. You can explore why Indian scientists were not as interested in exploring space compared to the United States and the Soviet Union who were currently embattled in the Cold War
  7. You can craft a paper which explains why spending money on space exploration is considered a waste especially in light of all of the other problems that India is currently facing
  8. You can explore the Indian satellite launching program which was first instigated in 1982
  9. You can craft something which explains why Indian culture did not consider space exploration to be as important for their development compared to the United States
  10. You can review the Indian spacecraft’s which were developed in 1991
  11. You can review the technological contributions that Indian scientists have made to the world of space exploration
  12. You can explore the Indian satellite program which launched satellites in 1975
  13. Your paper can focus on the Indira Gandhi research Center and how that research Center has worked in collaboration with the space research center in India
  14. You can explore the launching of the Indian satellite in 1979
  15. You can write about the launching of the Indian satellite in 1981
  16. You can review the benefits of having satellites in space for India with regard to estimating groundwater and forest wealth
  17. You can review the benefits of data sent through satellites for telecommunications in India
  18. You can explore the development of the Indian space program
  19. You can explain the intelligence Bureau of India and how they have used the data sent from space
  20. You can explain the civil service jobs offered through space exploration and how they benefit India

How To Improve My Essay Writing Skills: 10 Useful Suggestions

Great writing isn’t a craft that comes easily for most people, but luckily it is one that can be improved upon with practice. No matter what kind of writing assignment you work on, there are always a number of things you can do to make it better. Here are 10 useful suggestions for improving your essay writing skills by custom writing service ewritingservice.com:

  1. Begin With Your Main Idea
  2. When starting each paragraph it’s generally a good idea to start with your main idea. This lets your reader know exactly what you will be discussing in each paragraph.

  3. Vary Sentence Length
  4. A great way to vary sentence length is to use short sentences to emphasize an idea and use longer sentence when you need to define or explain an idea.

  5. Don’t Bury the Sentence Subject
  6. Start each sentence with your main subject. Don’t bury it in the middle of the sentence. You can also start a sentence with your main verb for stylistic effect or emphasis.

  7. Vary Sentence Structure
  8. When you occasionally introduce questions or commands, you’ll vary the structure of your sentence and prevent your writing from seeming mundane to the reader’s mind.

  9. Use the Active Voice
  10. Try to remove instances of passive voice. This kind of writing comes off as lacking in confidence and un-authoritative. You are presenting an idea and are expected it to put it forth without hesitation.

  11. Use Specific Verbs and Nouns
  12. To keep your readers engaged and interested in what you have to say, use concrete and specific verbs and nouns to express your ideas.

  13. Cut Out the Clutter
  14. When you start to revise you should look for way to improve your essay by removing anything that seems unnecessary or repetitive. Don’t look for two ways to say the same thing, but find a single way to express that thought more effectively.

  15. When Revising, Read Aloud
  16. Another thing to note when revising is how your essay sounds. It’s possible to hear problems in emphasis, tone, word choice, etc. that you may not pick up on when reading your essay quietly.

  17. Proofread and Edit
  18. Don’t just look over your work when proofread and editing. You should do this actively by going through each line and looking for common trouble spots.

  19. Use a Dictionary
  20. Don’t merely trust that you spellchecker will be able to find every misspelled word. Use a dictionary to ensure you are using the correct word.