List Of Good Philosophy Essay Prompts For College Students

There are many questions for which there are no set of answers. Philosophy is one such subject that deals with such issues. Philosophical essays are written on a variety of subjects like issues in relation with the knowledge, existence of life, god and reality, academic disciplines, thinking, reasoning, ideologies, notions, outlooks, doctrines, faiths, beliefs etc. Meditation is one of the remedy that helps you in finding the answers satisfying your inner mind and soul.

If you are looking for some interesting essay prompts in this subject, have a look at the below mentioned list-

  1. Where happiness lies? Does it lay being with your family, friends, materialistic things, beauty, travelling, or any other type of leisure existing in this world?
  2. How we can demarcate the line between being insane and creative?
  3. How you would like the world to be? What changes you want to make ?
  4. Does the nearby surroundings change our personality or we nurture it with our efforts?
  5. How we can draw a fine line between appreciating others and letting others dominate us by boosting their confidence?
  6. What is that one fine piece of advice that parents should offer to their teenager kids?
  7. What are some of the thoughts that stop you from doing the things that you really want?
  8. What is the real definition of a perfect friend? Will it be fine if you keep bothering him for his bright future?
  9. How we can decide the grounds of morality?
  10. Is it fine to do something wrong if others never come to know about it?
  11. We know that money cannot buy everything, but can we survive without money?
  12. How do we know that soul exists if nobody has ever seen it?
  13. Can we really control our lives?
  14. What is the definition of freedom?
  15. Can we watch the world after we die?
  16. What happens to us after death?
  17. What is the right way of defining a personality?
  18. Terrorist by one country is considered freedom fighter by another country. What are the grounds that decide if one is right?
  19. Can we strive for enlightenment till the time we are alive?
  20. How does a soul look like? Can we communicate with it? How?
  21. How easy it is to love someone and get affection in return? Is it right that most of the people sacrifice their lives in order to make others happy and stay unhappy most of the time?
  22. How aliens can trouble our lives? Do they really exist?

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