Picking An Outstanding College Essay Topic: Rules To Follow

When it comes to picking a topic to write about for any essay, there are various rules that you may wish to follow. For example, the following outlines a variety of different strategies and ideas that can help you to pick a good title for a college paper.

Thinking about the subject that you are studying and brainstorming ideas

It may sound obvious, but it is important that you stick to ideas that are relevant to the subject that you are studying. Therefore, it can be useful to carry out a brainstorming session in order to think about the subject that you are studying, as this can help you to get a few basic ideas written down. You can then expand upon any topics that you have thought of, in order to help you think of ideas.

Be prepared to note down any ideas that you may have, as they may come in useful later on, even if they don’t seem like particularly interesting or effective titles in the first place when you think of them.

Keep in mind any research that you need to do

Another important thing to keep in mind is the fact that you will need to do research about the topic. Therefore, it is important to choose a topic that you will be able to research adequately, and that will enable you to write in sufficient detail. Some ideas to help you get started have been listed below.

  • How has the Internet changed the way in which individuals are able to communicate in developing countries around the world?
  • How do oil prices affect the global economy?
  • Who are Islamic State, and what threat do they pose to the security of Western countries?
  • How do volcanic explosions interrupt regional wildlife, as well as the global environment in the case of major eruptions?
  • How can carbon dating be used to verify the age of things, and what problems are faced when trying to be as accurate as possible?
  • Discuss the future of solar energy, and what can be done by individuals to reduce our overall reliance on fossil fuels?
  • Who is William Shakespeare and did he definitely write all of the plays that he is believed to have composed?
  • How did the Great Fire of London start, and how is it able to spread to such a wide area of the city, and what were the implications of the event?
  • How does bulletproof glass work?
  • How do GPS systems work, and in what innovative ways is the technology being used today?

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