Picking An Outstanding College Essay Topic: Rules To Follow

When it comes to picking a topic to write about for any essay, there are various rules that you may wish to follow. For example, the following outlines a variety of different strategies and ideas that can help you to pick a good title for a college paper.

Thinking about the subject that you are studying and brainstorming ideas

It may sound obvious, but it is important that you stick to ideas that are relevant to the subject that you are studying. Therefore, it can be useful to carry out a brainstorming session in order to think about the subject that you are studying, as this can help you to get a few basic ideas written down. You can then expand upon any topics that you have thought of, in order to help you think of ideas.

Be prepared to note down any ideas that you may have, as they may come in useful later on, even if they don’t seem like particularly interesting or effective titles in the first place when you think of them.

Keep in mind any research that you need to do

Another important thing to keep in mind is the fact that you will need to do research about the topic. Therefore, it is important to choose a topic that you will be able to research adequately, and that will enable you to write in sufficient detail. Some ideas to help you get started have been listed below.

  • How has the Internet changed the way in which individuals are able to communicate in developing countries around the world?
  • How do oil prices affect the global economy?
  • Who are Islamic State, and what threat do they pose to the security of Western countries?
  • How do volcanic explosions interrupt regional wildlife, as well as the global environment in the case of major eruptions?
  • How can carbon dating be used to verify the age of things, and what problems are faced when trying to be as accurate as possible?
  • Discuss the future of solar energy, and what can be done by individuals to reduce our overall reliance on fossil fuels?
  • Who is William Shakespeare and did he definitely write all of the plays that he is believed to have composed?
  • How did the Great Fire of London start, and how is it able to spread to such a wide area of the city, and what were the implications of the event?
  • How does bulletproof glass work?
  • How do GPS systems work, and in what innovative ways is the technology being used today?

Seven Wise Hints For Students Who Are Ready To Pay For Essay

You have finally decided that you would like a professional writer to finish your essay for an approaching deadline. Free time is hard to find with lots of coursework and classes to attend. A professional writer online that completes my essay for me is extremely convenient. There are a few factors to consider below:

  • Know your options – If you have never worked with a professional essay writer or bought an original essay online, you should take some time to look at the different writing agencies and freelancers that are available. Your choice would depend on your deadlines and the complexity of your essay.
  • Keep it low key – Online essay services are sometimes looked upon unfavorably by the academic community. It is always a safer choice to keep a low profile and make sure to hire an essay writing service that values confidentiality and mutual respect.
  • Look up the writers – If you are going with an agency or company that will do your coursework, look at the writers that are on the team. For example, some agencies have writers that are great at delivering the essay on time but lack the attention to detail needed for typos.
  • Do not have unrealistic expectations – No matter how good the assigned writer, it is not the same as you writing. Even the best essay writer might convey a different tone or use words you are not used to. Be patient and take a look at the essays available.
  • Find out what others had to say – Many writing companies have reviews of them available online. This is a good opportunity to objectively assess its performance in the last year or more. Specifically, you can look out for repetitive issues such as inefficient writing or delayed communication.
  • Discuss requirements in advance – Rather than hiring a writing agency or freelancer on vague terms about writing an essay, be upfront with them during contacting. Make sure to also mention what are the kinds of edits required. If you need 24×7 customer service for edits in essay content, this should be mentioned in the early stages.
  • Read up on the fine print – In the excitement of hiring someone to write our essay, we sometimes do not look at the policies in place. Before paying for an essay, make sure to glance over all the policies relating to plagiarism and refunds.

Essays For Sale: A Couple Of Tips On A Controversial Issue

Students that cannot compose high-quality academic papers on their own can get essays for sale at usessaywriters.com. This option is considered controversial by some people because they think that it’s risky. However, if you know how to choose a good writing company to deal with, you won’t risk wasting your money on a poorly written paper making your order.

Tips to Choose a Service to Write My Essay

  • Choose a service with a good website;
  • Choose a service with day-and-night customer support;
  • Choose a service with competent employees;
  • Choose a service with firm guarantees;
  • Choose a service with a fair name.

A Good Website

Professional online companies always hire excellent web designers to work on their websites. If you visit a resource of a competent agency, you’ll be impressed by its quality and the amount of useful information presented there.

Day-and-Night Customer Support

If a service is professional, you should be able to contact it at any time of the day. Moreover, you should be able to do this both by phone and electronically. The response of customer support should be quick, clear, and polite.

Competent Employees

A reliable agency should provide you with a list of their writers on your request. Every writer should have a proper education and some experience in the field. Otherwise, a company cannot claim to provide top-quality services.

Firm Guarantees

A trustworthy service should have a set of assurances for their customers. This way, a customer can get their money back if a service doesn’t keep their word and provides a low-quality essay. Scammers usually don’t offer any guarantees.

A Fair Name

If a company is honest, always provides good services, and respects their customers, it should have a decent reputation on the Internet. If an agency gets mostly negative comments and reviews, it shouldn’t be trusted.

Finding online companies that offer essays for sale isn’t difficult. Type something like “buy a custom paper” into any search engine and you’ll get a list of links to websites of different agencies. Then, you’ll be able to select a service that meets your needs following the tips described above.

Shortly speaking, purchasing papers on the web isn’t a risky affair if you know what sources to deal with. On the contrary, it can be very beneficial to a student. Having bought a well-written essay, you’ll receive an excellent grade if you submit it to your teacher. Moreover, you’ll be able to improve your own writing skills by examining the work of your writer carefully.

In Search Of An Opinion Essay Example Online

Opinion essays are the informal forms that are written to judge the opinion, observation, and mode of expression of the writer. In this case, usually, the mode of writing is very relaxed but the writers tend to retain a strong structure. Sometimes, they follow the journalistic style and sometimes write in a sophisticated manner. Short paragraphs maintain the charm. Ensure that you do not sound very academic but present your thoughts with concrete illustrations while avoiding sloppiness.

If your topic is “increasingly easy foreign travel at global levels”, you can write from both perspectives. On one side you can say that foreign travels provide enticing benefits to the tourism industry and on the other hand you can talk about its negative consequences saying that people from various places come and pollute the place. You can also raise the issues of increase in mischievous activities, rise in crime, expensiveness of the place, etc.

If you are looking for striking opinion examples online, ultius essay reviews and the following sources can be highly helpful to you.

  • Published scholarly articles: There are dozens of tools that can be pretty helpful to all the students. You can find thousands of eminent academic research papers using authenticated sources. Use library gateways and make your job further easy.
  • Journals: Journals include highly enriching content. A few words of it are equivalent to hundreds of words. The information provided by them is sufficient in itself to provide a high-quality composition.
  • Online articles assembled in books: Buy or download them for free. If you do not want to spend money, you might have to spend a pretty long time in research. Remember, there are many websites that can make you access such books absolutely free of cost.
  • Online libraries: Do not miss the opportunity of making use of such libraries. These libraries have an ample supply of all the types of compositions that you want. Here you can get an opinion essay on any topic of your choice. Have little patience and get hundreds of them in one go.
  • Online magazines: This is a good place to get ample of such examples. Based on your topic and field of specialization, you can get a lot of enriching content. Such magazines are published on a quarterly or monthly basis.
  • Online newspapers: There are special columns in the newspapers. Based on your subjects like Science, History, Economics, Political Science, you can read the special column.

The chief purpose of such writings is to develop rational thinking among the students. They can think and argue from various perspectives. This way, students understand the pros and cons of both scenarios. Ensure that when you are referring to the example, they follow proper formatting guidelines.

Tips and Tricks for Writing an Impressive Essay in a Day

So you procrastinated. You waited too long to start your essay, and now the deadline has arrived and you’re in a panic. You probably feel guilty, overwhelmed, and really stressed out. It’s time to take a step back, take a few deep breaths, and reassess the situation. Whether it’s a two-page paper or a twenty-page paper, you can still do it. There’s no doubt that the essay you turn in won’t be as good as an essay you spent weeks working on, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still do a good job and turn in an impressive paper! Here are some tips on how to write in a time crunch.

  • Get organized. Put together all your notes, sources, and materials from class within arm’s reach. Get your paper and pen ready. Grab your highlighter, post-it notes, or whatever else you use to keep track of important things as you study. Don’t go overboard with the organization; you shouldn’t be spending precious time color-coordinating your notes, but do spend at least five minutes gathering all the materials you need and putting them in an order that makes sense to you and your paper. This will take a lot of the stress out of the writing process as you go along, and you won’t constantly be running away from your desk looking for that article you buried at the bottom of your backpack.
  • Take a little time to read over your materials and take notes. Take 30 to 45 minutes refreshing yourself on the paper topic, and brainstorming. It’s a lot easier to write when the information is fresh in your brain, and you’ll find yourself writing a lot more in a short period of time than when you’re constantly looking things up. Make notes as you read through your materials, and jot down the basic things you’ll be talking about in your essay in an outline. If it helps you can create an actual outline on your computer with the major points of your essay, but don’t take too much time reading material and brainstorming or you’ll waste precious minutes.
  • Start writing, and don’t stop. Start at the strongest part of your essay, the part that you’re most confident in. Don’t worry about writing your essay in its logical order: you can write your introduction, conclusion, and even your thesis, last, if it helps you. The trick here is to start writing, get your creative juices flowing, and don’t get caught up in the minutiae. If you run out of ideas at a certain point, jump to another part of the essay and keep writing! Don’t worry about grammar, spelling, or sentence structure at this point. You can – and should – always go back and edit, but at the moment you just need to worry about getting words on the page.
  • Devote a lot of time to your thesis statement. A strong thesis statement is the hallmark of a good paper. While you don’t need to devote an hour to your thesis statement, you should spend as much time on it as you do one paragraph of your paper. If you’ve already begun to write some of your paragraphs, this could make it easier for you to craft the thesis statement. Your thesis statement will provide the foundation for your paper, so make sure it’s strong and really makes a strong argument. If you find that your paper veers from your thesis as you write it, don’t worry. Just figure out if the point you are making fits into the rest of the paper, and if it does, revise your thesis. If you can’t figure out how the point you are making ties into the thesis, it might be time to examine what you’ve written and see if it really has a place in the essay.
  • Take a break, even if you don’t feel you have time. At some point, you should take a moment to get up, stretch your legs, eat a snack, or run around the block. After about 4 hours without a break, your writing and thinking really start suffering. You’ll work better and faster if you take just five minutes every two hours, or fifteen minutes every four hours, to recharge.
  • Edit thoroughly. Once you’ve exhausted yourself by writing the actual essay, this isn’t the time to quit. You’ve probably been working very quickly, so you’ll have made some mistakes. The most insightful papers, written with great zeal, will still lose points due to poor grammar and spelling. You also want to make sure that every sentence in your paper supports your thesis in some way; any sentences that come from right field or don’t actually advance the paper should be discarded or rewritten. Have a parent or friend read the paper, as well; sometimes your eyes are so numb to what you’ve already that written huge errors get skipped over!

A List of Impressive Problem Solution Essay Topics for University

The problem solution essay is an excellent university assignment that helps students improve their skills on clarity. They require one to describe a problem thoroughly, propose a clear solution with an explanation in defense of it, and finally present why that solution is better than others. Here is a list of impressive problem solution essay topics for university:

  1. What can people do to get better or higher paying jobs? Consider that there may be a bottle neck effect when it comes to available desired jobs.
  2. How can data mining or consumer identity sharing problems be fixed? As technology outpaces preventative measures will people ever be safe from companies learning more about personal lives?
  3. Choose a city and explain how it can be made more bicycle friendly? Use specific examples from places around the world where your solution has worked.
  4. What do you propose to prevent human trafficking? How can nations around the world work together to make your solution a reality?
  5. How can people around the world receive better health care? Is this the world’s responsibility or should this be left up to individual nations?
  6. Should there be laws controlling how the media portrays celebrities? What would be the benefits or negatives of passing such laws?
  7. How can people be persuaded to lead healthier lifestyles? Consider different education programs and public awareness campaigns used in the pass with little or no success.
  8. What do you suggest to solve the homeless population problem? It’s suggested that a healthy economy will always require at least some level of a homeless population.
  9. What is the best way to rehabilitate prisoners before release into society? Will certain crimes be treated as less of a threat than others upon release?
  10. What can be done about the increase of gun violence by minors? Stricter gun laws don’t seem to work as much as people had hoped.
  11. What do you propose is the best solution for dealing with illegal immigration? Will your system pave a way for an easier or stricter form of legal immigration?
  12. How can the welfare system be changed to be more fair and efficient? Many people require it to survive, but others abuse it.
  13. How can we prevent children by being negatively influenced by violence on television? Should parents be stricter in the raising of children?
  14. How can governments help in educating its citizens better for the future? Is this the government’s role at all?
  15. How can free speech be balanced where it’s allowed but not abused? How will your solution be appeal to the greater masses?

List Of Good Philosophy Essay Prompts For College Students

There are many questions for which there are no set of answers. Philosophy is one such subject that deals with such issues. Philosophical essays are written on a variety of subjects like issues in relation with the knowledge, existence of life, god and reality, academic disciplines, thinking, reasoning, ideologies, notions, outlooks, doctrines, faiths, beliefs etc. Meditation is one of the remedy that helps you in finding the answers satisfying your inner mind and soul.

If you are looking for some interesting essay prompts in this subject, have a look at the below mentioned list-

  1. Where happiness lies? Does it lay being with your family, friends, materialistic things, beauty, travelling, or any other type of leisure existing in this world?
  2. How we can demarcate the line between being insane and creative?
  3. How you would like the world to be? What changes you want to make ?
  4. Does the nearby surroundings change our personality or we nurture it with our efforts?
  5. How we can draw a fine line between appreciating others and letting others dominate us by boosting their confidence?
  6. What is that one fine piece of advice that parents should offer to their teenager kids?
  7. What are some of the thoughts that stop you from doing the things that you really want?
  8. What is the real definition of a perfect friend? Will it be fine if you keep bothering him for his bright future?
  9. How we can decide the grounds of morality?
  10. Is it fine to do something wrong if others never come to know about it?
  11. We know that money cannot buy everything, but can we survive without money?
  12. How do we know that soul exists if nobody has ever seen it?
  13. Can we really control our lives?
  14. What is the definition of freedom?
  15. Can we watch the world after we die?
  16. What happens to us after death?
  17. What is the right way of defining a personality?
  18. Terrorist by one country is considered freedom fighter by another country. What are the grounds that decide if one is right?
  19. Can we strive for enlightenment till the time we are alive?
  20. How does a soul look like? Can we communicate with it? How?
  21. How easy it is to love someone and get affection in return? Is it right that most of the people sacrifice their lives in order to make others happy and stay unhappy most of the time?
  22. How aliens can trouble our lives? Do they really exist?

WriteMyEssayz is here to help you more.

Getting Free Informative Essay Samples: Reliable Sources To Check

Many times when a student has an assignment to write an essay, he doesn’t quite know how to go about writing it. If there was a sample they could view they could get an idea of what the essay should look like. Samples give a writer an idea of how to make an essay flow as well as what the essay is composed of. It is nice to get first-hand knowledge of what the essay should look like. There are many reliable places you could go to find examples of different kinds of essays. Here are a few places you can that you can check out.

  • Library- The library has reference sections that have any kind of essay you can imagine. You can view all of these and get excellent topic ideas as well as what components go into it.
  • Prior students- Most students keep their work from prior courses. If you can find someone who has taken the course you are currently in, you may be able to view his work. It is also a good idea to find out what grade he received so you know you are looking at quality work.
  • Professor- Your instructor himself is a great place to check out samples of informative essays. He would be glad to let you take a gander at some of his past work. Most teachers love to display their talent and are excited that students are interested enough to ask. So stroke his ego and ask to see some of his great work and watch his eyes light up!
  • Bulletin boards- Many of the gathering places for students have boards that advertise everything from books to bikes. Just keep an eye out for people who are interested in helping students by showing them essays they have written or have accumulated from different places over the years. Hopefully the person you are contacting does this as a business and has references so you can be assured they know what they are talking about.
  • The internet- Last but not least the famous internet will have hundreds of places you can go to find informative essay samples. Your only concern with that is finding one that is reputable. If the site you are exploring has customer reviews that are favorable, it is likely the site will be reputable. Make sure they guarantee delivery on time and ask to see samples of their work to make sure they are the level of skill you are seeking.

Of all of these options for essay samples, the internet offers the greatest variety. Finding trustworthy, good companies will take a little bit of investigating. Check this website, (insert your website here), for great, informative essay samples. You won’t be disappointed.

20 Interesting Topic Ideas For Your Essay On India And Space

If you want to create an interesting essay on India and space there are many potential topics out there but narrowing them down can be very difficult. Here are some good topics by Us Essay Writers:

  1. You can craft a paper which focuses on the creation of the Indian space program
  2. You might consider writing an essay about the only Indian to visit space as part of a Soviet union exploration mission
  3. You can explain the national benefits associated with having an individual space program which is not reliant upon another country
  4. You can explore the high cost associated with owning spaceships and why India has been unable for a long time to have such benefits
  5. You can explore the future of space exploration for India
  6. You can explore why Indian scientists were not as interested in exploring space compared to the United States and the Soviet Union who were currently embattled in the Cold War
  7. You can craft a paper which explains why spending money on space exploration is considered a waste especially in light of all of the other problems that India is currently facing
  8. You can explore the Indian satellite launching program which was first instigated in 1982
  9. You can craft something which explains why Indian culture did not consider space exploration to be as important for their development compared to the United States
  10. You can review the Indian spacecraft’s which were developed in 1991
  11. You can review the technological contributions that Indian scientists have made to the world of space exploration
  12. You can explore the Indian satellite program which launched satellites in 1975
  13. Your paper can focus on the Indira Gandhi research Center and how that research Center has worked in collaboration with the space research center in India
  14. You can explore the launching of the Indian satellite in 1979
  15. You can write about the launching of the Indian satellite in 1981
  16. You can review the benefits of having satellites in space for India with regard to estimating groundwater and forest wealth
  17. You can review the benefits of data sent through satellites for telecommunications in India
  18. You can explore the development of the Indian space program
  19. You can explain the intelligence Bureau of India and how they have used the data sent from space
  20. You can explain the civil service jobs offered through space exploration and how they benefit India

How To Improve My Essay Writing Skills: 10 Useful Suggestions

Great writing isn’t a craft that comes easily for most people, but luckily it is one that can be improved upon with practice. No matter what kind of writing assignment you work on, there are always a number of things you can do to make it better. Here are 10 useful suggestions for improving your essay writing skills by custom writing service ewritingservice.com:

  1. Begin With Your Main Idea
  2. When starting each paragraph it’s generally a good idea to start with your main idea. This lets your reader know exactly what you will be discussing in each paragraph.

  3. Vary Sentence Length
  4. A great way to vary sentence length is to use short sentences to emphasize an idea and use longer sentence when you need to define or explain an idea.

  5. Don’t Bury the Sentence Subject
  6. Start each sentence with your main subject. Don’t bury it in the middle of the sentence. You can also start a sentence with your main verb for stylistic effect or emphasis.

  7. Vary Sentence Structure
  8. When you occasionally introduce questions or commands, you’ll vary the structure of your sentence and prevent your writing from seeming mundane to the reader’s mind.

  9. Use the Active Voice
  10. Try to remove instances of passive voice. This kind of writing comes off as lacking in confidence and un-authoritative. You are presenting an idea and are expected it to put it forth without hesitation.

  11. Use Specific Verbs and Nouns
  12. To keep your readers engaged and interested in what you have to say, use concrete and specific verbs and nouns to express your ideas.

  13. Cut Out the Clutter
  14. When you start to revise you should look for way to improve your essay by removing anything that seems unnecessary or repetitive. Don’t look for two ways to say the same thing, but find a single way to express that thought more effectively.

  15. When Revising, Read Aloud
  16. Another thing to note when revising is how your essay sounds. It’s possible to hear problems in emphasis, tone, word choice, etc. that you may not pick up on when reading your essay quietly.

  17. Proofread and Edit
  18. Don’t just look over your work when proofread and editing. You should do this actively by going through each line and looking for common trouble spots.

  19. Use a Dictionary
  20. Don’t merely trust that you spellchecker will be able to find every misspelled word. Use a dictionary to ensure you are using the correct word.