Tips and Tricks for Writing an Impressive Essay in a Day

So you procrastinated. You waited too long to start your essay, and now the deadline has arrived and you’re in a panic. You probably feel guilty, overwhelmed, and really stressed out. It’s time to take a step back, take a few deep breaths, and reassess the situation. Whether it’s a two-page paper or a twenty-page paper, you can still do it. There’s no doubt that the essay you turn in won’t be as good as an essay you spent weeks working on, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still do a good job and turn in an impressive paper! Here are some tips on how to write in a time crunch.

  • Get organized. Put together all your notes, sources, and materials from class within arm’s reach. Get your paper and pen ready. Grab your highlighter, post-it notes, or whatever else you use to keep track of important things as you study. Don’t go overboard with the organization; you shouldn’t be spending precious time color-coordinating your notes, but do spend at least five minutes gathering all the materials you need and putting them in an order that makes sense to you and your paper. This will take a lot of the stress out of the writing process as you go along, and you won’t constantly be running away from your desk looking for that article you buried at the bottom of your backpack.
  • Take a little time to read over your materials and take notes. Take 30 to 45 minutes refreshing yourself on the paper topic, and brainstorming. It’s a lot easier to write when the information is fresh in your brain, and you’ll find yourself writing a lot more in a short period of time than when you’re constantly looking things up. Make notes as you read through your materials, and jot down the basic things you’ll be talking about in your essay in an outline. If it helps you can create an actual outline on your computer with the major points of your essay, but don’t take too much time reading material and brainstorming or you’ll waste precious minutes.
  • Start writing, and don’t stop. Start at the strongest part of your essay, the part that you’re most confident in. Don’t worry about writing your essay in its logical order: you can write your introduction, conclusion, and even your thesis, last, if it helps you. The trick here is to start writing, get your creative juices flowing, and don’t get caught up in the minutiae. If you run out of ideas at a certain point, jump to another part of the essay and keep writing! Don’t worry about grammar, spelling, or sentence structure at this point. You can – and should – always go back and edit, but at the moment you just need to worry about getting words on the page.
  • Devote a lot of time to your thesis statement. A strong thesis statement is the hallmark of a good paper. While you don’t need to devote an hour to your thesis statement, you should spend as much time on it as you do one paragraph of your paper. If you’ve already begun to write some of your paragraphs, this could make it easier for you to craft the thesis statement. Your thesis statement will provide the foundation for your paper, so make sure it’s strong and really makes a strong argument. If you find that your paper veers from your thesis as you write it, don’t worry. Just figure out if the point you are making fits into the rest of the paper, and if it does, revise your thesis. If you can’t figure out how the point you are making ties into the thesis, it might be time to examine what you’ve written and see if it really has a place in the essay.
  • Take a break, even if you don’t feel you have time. At some point, you should take a moment to get up, stretch your legs, eat a snack, or run around the block. After about 4 hours without a break, your writing and thinking really start suffering. You’ll work better and faster if you take just five minutes every two hours, or fifteen minutes every four hours, to recharge.
  • Edit thoroughly. Once you’ve exhausted yourself by writing the actual essay, this isn’t the time to quit. You’ve probably been working very quickly, so you’ll have made some mistakes. The most insightful papers, written with great zeal, will still lose points due to poor grammar and spelling. You also want to make sure that every sentence in your paper supports your thesis in some way; any sentences that come from right field or don’t actually advance the paper should be discarded or rewritten. Have a parent or friend read the paper, as well; sometimes your eyes are so numb to what you’ve already that written huge errors get skipped over!

A List of Impressive Problem Solution Essay Topics for University

The problem solution essay is an excellent university assignment that helps students improve their skills on clarity. They require one to describe a problem thoroughly, propose a clear solution with an explanation in defense of it, and finally present why that solution is better than others. Here is a list of impressive problem solution essay topics for university:

  1. What can people do to get better or higher paying jobs? Consider that there may be a bottle neck effect when it comes to available desired jobs.
  2. How can data mining or consumer identity sharing problems be fixed? As technology outpaces preventative measures will people ever be safe from companies learning more about personal lives?
  3. Choose a city and explain how it can be made more bicycle friendly? Use specific examples from places around the world where your solution has worked.
  4. What do you propose to prevent human trafficking? How can nations around the world work together to make your solution a reality?
  5. How can people around the world receive better health care? Is this the world’s responsibility or should this be left up to individual nations?
  6. Should there be laws controlling how the media portrays celebrities? What would be the benefits or negatives of passing such laws?
  7. How can people be persuaded to lead healthier lifestyles? Consider different education programs and public awareness campaigns used in the pass with little or no success.
  8. What do you suggest to solve the homeless population problem? It’s suggested that a healthy economy will always require at least some level of a homeless population.
  9. What is the best way to rehabilitate prisoners before release into society? Will certain crimes be treated as less of a threat than others upon release?
  10. What can be done about the increase of gun violence by minors? Stricter gun laws don’t seem to work as much as people had hoped.
  11. What do you propose is the best solution for dealing with illegal immigration? Will your system pave a way for an easier or stricter form of legal immigration?
  12. How can the welfare system be changed to be more fair and efficient? Many people require it to survive, but others abuse it.
  13. How can we prevent children by being negatively influenced by violence on television? Should parents be stricter in the raising of children?
  14. How can governments help in educating its citizens better for the future? Is this the government’s role at all?
  15. How can free speech be balanced where it’s allowed but not abused? How will your solution be appeal to the greater masses?

List Of Good Philosophy Essay Prompts For College Students

There are many questions for which there are no set of answers. Philosophy is one such subject that deals with such issues. Philosophical essays are written on a variety of subjects like issues in relation with the knowledge, existence of life, god and reality, academic disciplines, thinking, reasoning, ideologies, notions, outlooks, doctrines, faiths, beliefs etc. Meditation is one of the remedy that helps you in finding the answers satisfying your inner mind and soul.

If you are looking for some interesting essay prompts in this subject, have a look at the below mentioned list-

  1. Where happiness lies? Does it lay being with your family, friends, materialistic things, beauty, travelling, or any other type of leisure existing in this world?
  2. How we can demarcate the line between being insane and creative?
  3. How you would like the world to be? What changes you want to make ?
  4. Does the nearby surroundings change our personality or we nurture it with our efforts?
  5. How we can draw a fine line between appreciating others and letting others dominate us by boosting their confidence?
  6. What is that one fine piece of advice that parents should offer to their teenager kids?
  7. What are some of the thoughts that stop you from doing the things that you really want?
  8. What is the real definition of a perfect friend? Will it be fine if you keep bothering him for his bright future?
  9. How we can decide the grounds of morality?
  10. Is it fine to do something wrong if others never come to know about it?
  11. We know that money cannot buy everything, but can we survive without money?
  12. How do we know that soul exists if nobody has ever seen it?
  13. Can we really control our lives?
  14. What is the definition of freedom?
  15. Can we watch the world after we die?
  16. What happens to us after death?
  17. What is the right way of defining a personality?
  18. Terrorist by one country is considered freedom fighter by another country. What are the grounds that decide if one is right?
  19. Can we strive for enlightenment till the time we are alive?
  20. How does a soul look like? Can we communicate with it? How?
  21. How easy it is to love someone and get affection in return? Is it right that most of the people sacrifice their lives in order to make others happy and stay unhappy most of the time?
  22. How aliens can trouble our lives? Do they really exist?

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